Thursday, November 22, 2012

Works In Progress and other stuff

A few months ago (a few? I lost track) I put my finished W.I.P. to bed after months of pouring over it stressing over perfecting it (can any book be perfect in the writer’s eyes?) to the point where I knew I was missing anything obvious.

A break was in order, to work on other things and completely put it out of mind. So I went to work finishing writing/editing other W.I.P.s

In that time ...

I finished writing two novels (pending editing): Forgotten Princess and The Gypsy Queen

I hit the half-point in one novel : The Green Fairy

I came close to finishing my 2010 NaNo novel that I abandoned that year (possible title Old Bones)

I wrote 6 short stories (5 pending editing)

- No Wine for Me, Thanks

- Gift in the Waves

- Hidden Window

- Spiral

- The Red Mitten

- The Widows’ Willow

And for November I am mostly concentrating on my 2012 NaNo novel The McAllister Farm (a prequel of sorts of my finished W.I.P.) and am well on track to meet and even exceed the 50,000 words by November 30th.

After the 30th, when December descends on us, I plan to give that sleeping W.I.P. one last look over and decide if I will finally take the plunge into trying to have it published.


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