Friday, November 21, 2008

A Dark Corner of Poetry - Spring

Spring by L. V. Gaudet (c) April 2008 White snow sparkles, glistening in the warming sun, looking wet as the warm air kisses its crystalline form. Snow sweat drips, sliding lazily down the crisp snow, Transforming it's white crystals to clear shining ice. Brown grass pokes up through the thinning snow, reaching for the warming sun. Wings flap, powerfully grabbing the air, the geese are trumpeting their triumphant return. The hare begins to shed his beautiful white coat, turning gray-brown as he seeks out his mate. The little red squirrel plays about in the warm sun, leaping from branch to branch. The ground begins to warm and soften, awakening early spring bulbs. Soon the trees will begin to bud ready to burst with leaves, while the green shoots wind their way up to the warm spring sun.

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