Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween 2009 - 5 More Sleeps

Halloween is just around the corner. The decorations are up, kids costumes bought, the pumpkin is awaiting carving, and we're putting off buying the candy so it doesn't get eaten before Halloween.

In honor of Halloween, I'll be sharing a few ghouslish tidbits.

Today's feature story is a flash fiction story (1,000 words or less) called "Knock on Ginger". It is about (yes you guessed it) the game we have all played at some point as kids.

A Halloween did you know:

Did you know that Halloween has Celtic roots? According to an article on Wikipedia, in the festival of Samhain the end of the harvest was celebrated with tones of the festival of the dead, a festival honoring deceased community members.

Quoted from source: Wikipedia

"Celtic Reconstruction"

"According to Celtic lore, Samhain is a time when the boundaries between the world of the living and the world of the dead become thinner, allowing spirits and other supernatural entities to pass between the worlds to socialize with humans. It is the time of the year when ancestors and other departed souls are especially honored. Though Celtic Reconstructionists make offerings to the spirits at all times of the year, Samhain in particular is a time when more elaborate offerings are made to specific ancestors. Often a meal will be prepared of favorite foods of the family's and community's beloved dead, a place set for them at the table, and traditional songs, poetry and dances performed to entertain them. A door or window may be opened to the west and the beloved dead specifically invited to attend. Many leave a candle or other light burning in a western window to guide the dead home. Divination for the coming year is often done, whether in all solemnity or as games for the children. The more mystically inclined may also see this as a time for deeply communing with the deities, especially those whom the lore mentions as being particularly connected with this festival."

And as a final note I'd like to share with you HALLOWEEN 2007 (cue spooky music):


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