Sunday, November 23, 2008

Random Ramblings - A Little Boy's Wish

A Little Boy’s Wish (c) L. V. Gaudet written May 2004 I have a little white stone. It is an important stone, given to me years ago by a little boy who made a wish. The stone doesn’t look like much. It’s kind of dull and odd shaped, kind of like me. But when you turn it over it sparkles like the little boy who gave it to me. This stone lay around the house, forgotten, until I found it again buried at the bottom of a closet. It’s funny how something so little can be so important, and so easily forgotten. Years ago there was a very kind and caring little boy. He felt very sad for me because I didn’t have any kids of my own to hug and to love. I know this because he told me so. The little boy often asked me why I didn’t have any kids of my own when he knew I liked kids because I liked him. I had no simple answer. The reasons were too many. One day the little boy had a present for me. He told me that he found a very lucky stone. He said it was lucky because it looks just like any other stone until you turn it over and see how it sparkles; and it made him think of me. The little boy told me that he made a wish on the stone. He wished that I would have a child of my own to hug and to love so that I would never be lonely. He gave me the stone and told me that whenever I feel sad or lonely I can look at the stone and think of him, then I won’t be sad or lonely any more. He said that someday when I have a kid of my own, I will no longer need the little stone and I could give it to someone else who does need it. Years went by and I never felt any loss or regrets about not having kids of my own. That little boy and his sisters have plenty of love to share. With every relationship I had, I thought about that little boy and how he was so concerned for his Aunties well being. And I asked myself, “If I had a little boy like him would this be a man I would want for his father?” The answer was always “no”. No one ever seemed to be good enough for such a loving and thoughtful little boy. Now that little boy isn’t so little anymore. He’s eleven and the years have worn away a little of that sparkle and the little white stone could use a buffing too. But if you look a little closer you can still see the sparkle of that thoughtful little boy who picked up a rock and immediately thought of doing a loving gesture for his Auntie. It took a long time, but that little boy’s wish came true. I have a beautiful little girl. And, because thinking about that little boy made me think a little harder about choices in my life; I think I found her a pretty good dad too. Now that I have the kid of my own that little boy asked the little stone for, she is the greatest treasure a little boy could have wished for me. When my baby girl gets a little bigger, I’ll tell her the story about the little boy who filled a rock with love and gave it to his Auntie. And, maybe some day she will pass on that little treasure to someone else who needs a little love. And Brennan’s thoughtfulness and love will be paid forward.

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