Friday, November 21, 2008

A Dark Corner of Poetry - Culex Pipiens

Culex Pipiens By L. V. Gaudet © Jan 2008 Oh you little Culex pipiens, At my skin you’re always a nippins Your tiny mosquito bite Leaves my flesh quite a sight Itchy red little welts Above and below the belts You leave me sore and scratching In perfume most foul I am bathing Eau de Bug Repellent it is called For man and beast it is an impenetrable wall But not for Culex pipiens For they just keep a nippins At the campfire everyone sits way over there Not wanting to smell my repellent air What trouble you little mosquitoes do bring And at night that annoying whining in my ear you sing But are you all that so bad? Though your biting makes everyone so mad? For nigh of three years I have fought Diets and exercise has all been for naught After two kids for your body you do bereave Those extra baby pounds just refuse to leave And then in the late summer of 2000 and seven You bit me at least four score and eleven Whether I got bit at home or Debonair That is neither here nor there For thanks to West Nile and you I have shed a pants size or two

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