Thursday, October 15, 2009

Poem - A Scare in the Air

A Scare in the Air By L. V. Gaudet © October 15, 2009 There is a crackle in the air, of crisp fall leaves crunching like the dry cackle of witches. Someone is hurrying over there, racing from darkened tree to darkened tree while holding up too big britches. Pumpkins lit and carved with care, eerie flames licking their hollowed insides in a dance of twitches. Ghosts hang from branches bare, billowing and cavorting with dragons and skeletons and green faces full of stitches. Houses decorated grimly to scare, goblins, ghouls, all manner of freakish delight. Hey you, don’t touch that over there! You don’t know what might crawl out on this dark night. If you venture out please do beware, for it is All Hallows’ Eve tonight. All manner of spooks are out on the scare, playing tricks and seeking treats on this dark night.

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