Sunday, November 23, 2008

Random Ramblings - Little Treasures

Little Treasures (c) L. V. Gaudet written May 2004 I was cleaning out the closet the other day. You know, doing spring cleaning and getting rid of some of the junk that always accumulates over the year. Beneath all the stuff on the floor of the closet, under a pair of old worn out shoes, I found a little treasure. It was a little white stone. It doesn’t look like much. It’s kind of dull and odd shaped, kind of like me. But when you turn it over it sparkles like the little boy who gave it to me. For many years this rock had a place of importance on my desk at work, but lately it has lain around the house, forgotten. It’s funny how easily you can forget these little things. But, often it is the little things you should remember most. How an odd little rock can be precious, you might ask. Well, it is the story behind it that makes it so valuable. Everything has a story behind it, but this one is extra special. You see, there was this little boy years ago. He was a very kind and caring little boy. This little boy felt very sad for me because I didn’t have any kids of my own to hug and to love. I know this because he told me so. The little boy gave me the little white stone. He told me that it is a very lucky stone because it looks just like any other stone until you turn it over and see how it sparkles; and it made him think of me. He told me that whenever I feel sad or lonely I can look at the stone and think of him, then I won’t be sad or lonely any more. He said he wished I would have a kid of my own to hug and to love so I would not be lonely. Then, I will no longer need the little stone and I could give it to someone else who does need it. I have looked at the little white stone on my desk many times over the years. It always made me smile and filled my heart with the warmth only a little child’s thoughtfulness can give you. This little boy used to ask me why I didn’t have any kids of my own when he knew I must like kids because I liked him. Now that is a tough question to answer. The reasons were much too numerous. With every relationship I had, I always looked at my little white stone. I thought about that little boy and how he was so concerned for his Aunties well being. And I thought if I had a little boy like him would this be a man I would want for his father? No one ever seemed to be good enough for such a loving and thoughtful little boy. Through the years I never felt any loss or regrets about not having kids of my own, after all that little boy and his sisters have plenty of love to share. But now that I do have a kid of my own, she is the greatest treasure a little boy could have wished for me. Very soon now I’ll be returning to work, having finished my maternity leave. And I think that for now that ordinary little white rock which sparkles when you turn it over will have a special place on my desk beside the picture of my baby girl. Every time I look at the picture and rock, I will think about that kind little boy and how sad he felt for me because I didn’t have a kid of my own to hug and to love. I will think about how that little boy wanted to share a piece of himself with me until, someday, I got a kid of my own to fill that void. A void I never knew needed filling until now. I will be glad that thinking about the little boy made me think a little harder about my choices over the years. It took a while, but I finally have the kid of my own he wished for me. She is a beautiful little girl; and I found her a pretty good dad too. Now that little boy is eleven. He may seem to have lost a little of that sparkle over the years, and the little white stone could use a buffing too. But if you take a closer look you can still see the sparkle of that wonderful and thoughtful little boy who picked up a rock and immediately thought of doing a loving gesture for his Auntie. I will look at that little white rock many times over the next few years. And when I look at it I will think about that little boy and how I hope my baby girl will be just as caring and thoughtful as Brennan was. When she gets a little bigger I’ll tell my little girl the story about the little boy who filled a rock with love and gave it to his Auntie. And, maybe some day she will pass on that little treasure to someone else who needs a little love. And that little boy’s thoughtfulness will be paid forward.

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