Friday, October 23, 2009

The Princesses And The Pirates - Children's Story

This is a children's story I wrote together with my six year old. The story is hers. I helped her put it into words.

The Princesses And The Pirates
by L.V. Gaudet & S.P. Gaudet
(C) October 23, 2009

Once upon a time there was a castle in a land far away. There were two princesses who lived in that castle, who by a very strange coincidence of the stars were born on the same day in May but two years apart. They were Princess Sidney and Princess Robyn. They were born to King Steve and Queen Lori who were very happy and proud of their beautiful princess daughters.

Unknown to all, far away in a place unknown, a group of pirates were looking for the two young princess sisters. The pirate captain, the dread Captain Shift who happened to be the king of pirates, had two sons who, by a very strange coincidence of the stars, were born on the same day in June two years apart.

An old gypsy woman told him that if his sons did not marry princess sisters also born on the same day two years apart a terrible fate would fall on his family. She looked into her crystal ball and told him where to find such princess sisters.

It was the night of the big ball. The queen and king had asked two young princes, Prince Handsom and Prince Kistalot, to escort their princess daughters to the ball.

It was a lovely affair, with ribbons and lace strung upon the walls with delicate grace. Music danced on the air, and made everyone want to dance. The princes asked the two princess sisters to grace them with a dance.

The happy foursome was having a wonderful time at the ball. But the hour grew late and they had to be home in time for the princesses’ curfew. They hurried through the crowd of happy dancers to meet the carriage waiting in front of the palace to take them home.

They piled into the carriage and with a snap of the whip it rushed off with them through the woods to the princesses’ castle.

Suddenly, with a terrible yell, pirates surrounded the carriage and captured the princess sisters, leaving the battered princes behind. They brought them to their ship waiting in the cove.

The next morning, the pirates dragged the girls from where they locked them in the hull of the ship and brought them before the pirate captain.

“You will marry my sons,” Captain Shift said.

“No, never,” princesses Sidney and Robyn said together.

“You will marry my sons or die!” Captain Shift demanded.

“We would rather die!” the princesses cried.

“So be it,” the pirate captain said. He signaled to the pirates and they forced the girls onto the plank.

“Walk the plank!” Captain Shift yelled.

“No, we won’t walk the plank,” shouted the princesses.

Then the pirates tied the princesses up and pushed them off the plank.

The princes got there just in time to save the princesses. They jumped into the water and helped the princesses swim to shore.

The princes brought the princesses safely back to their castle.

Sidney and Robyn were safe now, but they had to marry the princes because they had saved their lives.

But the princesses did not want to marry the princes. They wanted to marry them some day, but they were not ready to get married yet.

Handsom and Kistalot agreed to make it a long engagement. They were willing to wait until the princess sisters were ready to marry them.

And so, there was a great celebration to announce the double engagement of the princess sisters Sidney and Robyn to their princes Handsom and Kistalot. The wedding would be a story for another day.

The End



AmyBeth Inverness said...

I love the names "Handsom and Kistalot" for the princes! And I'm glad your 6yo understands the value of a long engagement lol!

L. V. Gaudet said...

Thanks AmyBeth!

And she came up with the names on her own too! She knew exactly what they mean. Neither her or I can read the story without her giggling her head off over the names.

L. V. Gaudet said...

We also still have to write then next story in the saga of the princesses Sidney and Robyn and the princes Handsom and Kistalot, and of course the two handsome young pirate princes.