Sunday, May 13, 2012

It’s Mother’s Day and My Kids are Wonderful!

It’s that special day of the year again, when the kids make their Mom’s breakfast, make her cards, write her poems, and give her hand-crafted gifts. All gives happily received, especially the one that don’t involve Mom spending hours cleaning up after their creation.

This year was especially nice.

The older daughter’s grade 3 class put on a formal Mothers’ Day tea, complete with white table cloths and fancy table decorations, beautiful décor, a picture together, and a cellist playing as the Mom’s trickled in.

The event held an afternoon of entertainment performed by the kids, songs and poems, and a few video clips. Each kid got up to say a little speech about their mother:

Mother’s Day Speech

Written by

Sidney Gaudet

“Good afternoon Moms and grandmas. My name is Sidney and this is the grade 3’s Mother’s day tea. I am here to talk about my mom. I am the daughter of Lori. My mom has long blonde curly hair; she has glasses and gray eyes. Now I told you what my mom looks like mom can you come up?

In my family there is my beautiful mom, my silly dad, my ANNOYING SISTER and my two smelly cats and me. My mom works in an office; she is a payroll worker for truck drivers. What she does is that she pays truck drivers for their work. At home my mom cleans the house, does the laundry and makes supper.

My mom’s favorite color is purple. My mom’s favorite actor is Johnny Depp in the Pirates of the Caribbean. My mom likes to order stead at a restaurant. My mom likes hollow chocolate. She does not like when my sister and I fight. My mom does not like it when my Dad says inappropriate words.

These are the things my mom likes to do in her spare time. Well, she likes to play on the computer, read, watch TV plus go out.

Can I tell you something funny about my mom? Once my mom and I went on a tube ride and she almost fell out. I like it when me and my mom go out together, also when we play together and talk together. Mom is especially good at games, cookies, reading, making stories, and also being funny. She is so good at making stories that she was Author of the Month in January.

If I could give my mom anything in the world I would give her a big bouquet of beautiful white daisies with jewels in the middle. My mom is special because she is always herself and never anyone else. Also because she is my mom. I love you mom.”

Presents included a wonderful 8 page card and large silhouette picture on black paper.

And on Mother’s Day:

The 3rd grader gave me another card, bookmark she made herself, and “M” fridge magnet.

The younger daughter also made me a great card and gave me a wonderful fridge magnet picture of herself.

And, last but not least, I have no idea how they got there and managed it, but they also gave me Cuisinart 15-pc. Compact portable blending/chopping system that chops, grinds, crushes ice, and will make some superb smoothie drinks this summer at the camper – along with a gift card for the liquor store to buy ingredients. Summer, here I come!

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