Sunday, March 20, 2011

Cuban Adventures – 5 days, 7 nights in Cuba Part Three: The Vacation Begins

It’s Thursday evening, we’ve all been up since two A.M., spent an endless day of waiting, travelling, and more waiting, and amazingly not one of us has slept other than Robyn’s brief passing out on the bus going to the resort.

I popped some ibuprofen and we had our luggage locked in the baggage room while we put the kids into swimsuits because we were all overheating in our travelling clothes, grabbed their lifejackets, and took a walk to the beach while still waiting for our room. It was a pretty windy day, so the waves were too big for swimming.

Robyn was quick to take full advantage of the powdery white sand.

Steve received a caution to watch her closely from the lifeguard when Robyn went to play at the edge of the sea where the water was washing up to cover her legs as she sat before washing out again, much to Robyn’s great delight.

Although they would bring her back, the waves were strong enough to suck her right off the beach and toss her about. That’s when he pointed out the yellow warning flag we didn’t see at first.

We didn’t get any pictures of the waves that day. I was too headachy to bother with the camera.

We finally got into our room, I popped some acetaminophen to go with the ibuprofen that had barely dented the migraine, and we found some food at what we later learned was the 24 hour snack bar. We found out later that “snack bar” turned out to be their translation for a bar that serves bar food. It was also where we found that life saving necessity – pizza.

Sidney got a lot of looks and comments that afternoon and seemed to be enjoying the attention. After all, how many beautiful little girls walk around the sunny resorts of Cuba wearing a bathing suit and winter boots? Next time maybe I’ll remember to make sure she brings home her runners for vacation.

Back to the room, setting up the kids with the portable mini car DVD player, and we discovered that by this time Sidney was burning up with a high fever. Good thing I emptied the kids medicine cupboard into the suitcase. We had everything we might need, except the thermometer to see just how high the fever was.

We all slept hard that night, waking up much too early the next morning to the bright rays of sunshine lighting up the whole room – before six A.M.

Ok, you’re cute. But I don’t think we want to eat you.

Showered and somewhat rested, an hour and a half trying to get ibuprofen into Sidney, and we were all feeling better and off exploring the resort and searching for food.

It’s Friday, the vacation is young, and we have five days of sitting at the beach, sitting by the pool, sitting at the beach, sitting by the pool, and enjoying the all inclusive food and drinks.

Getting drinks at the poolside bar

Teasing Daddy
Now this is what vacations are all about
Ok, Robyn got close to a chair anyway. But only because the
pool water is too cold for polar bears and she’s trying to freeze Daddy

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