Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween Bash - Halloween Fun

Halloween Bash

by L.V. Gaudet

Ghost ghost, where is the ghost.

He is the party host.

Which witch has the stitch,

the stitch to sew Scarecrow Mitch.

We’re getting ready for the Halloween bash,

with treats and tricks and dancing the Monster Mash.

There will be eyeball stew and finger goo,

and enough candy for me and you.

Sam Skeleton rattled his bones too hard,

and they fell all over the graveyard.

Spot the dog, who stole his leg bone,

now Sam is hopping after him all the way home.

This party will be too spooky for me,

I think I’ll just hide behind that tree.

See see, did you see?

I think that pumpkin just winked at me!


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