Thursday, March 4, 2010

Oh, For The Love Of Laundry! (And Math)

When I did laundry for one, I did laundry one day a week. It took just a few hours, no problem.

When I did laundry for two, I did laundry one day a week. No biggie, a few extra loads, it only took a little bit longer.

Now with laundry for four, I find myself washing multiple loads (at least two) every day, and yet the laundry is never done. The hampers are always full, the baskets always in need of folding, and never does there seem to be enough time for the bedding too.

Now how does THAT math work?!



JaxPop said...

Hah! When I was a wee lad my mother used a ringer washer that she cranked by hand! Guess that was better than the old washboard down at the riverbank.

L. V. Gaudet said...

Ah, the good old days.