Sunday, November 28, 2010

"Tis The Day Before Employment

Today is the last day of my life as an unemployed bum (a.k.a. stay-at-home-mom).

'Tis the day before employment, when all through the house

Every creature is stirring, somewhere I’m sure is even a mouse.

The clothes are hung in the closet with care,

In the hopes that quickly out the door I will be on my way there.

The kids are laying out their Barbies and Bratz in their little doll beds,

While visions of snacks and games at the new babysitter dance in their heads.

And mama bear in her apron and some ken doll chap,

Had settled with their pet Pinky and his friend Brain for a long days nap.

When out on the street there was such a clatter,

I sprang from the laptop to see what was the matter.

Away to the window to see what I was certain,

There I pulled open the long blinds curtain.

The grey cloud-dulled sun on the fresh powdery snow

Didn’t blind me with too bright glinting off the objects below.

When, what to my sleep deprived eyes should appear,

But a throng of gas powered sleds roaring by much too near.

With the drivers pushing their sleds much too quick,

Undoubtedly they thought they are pretty slick.

They were gone as quick as they came,

I’m sure later more will do the same.

Now, Blogger! Now, Facebook! Now, Goodreads and Twitter!

On, MySpace! On, HorrorWorld, on Redroom and Gather!

To the top of the postings! To the top of them all!

Now blog away! Schmooze away! Network away ALL!

As snow flurries before the snowploughs will fly,

From the grey and windswept cloudy sky.

So up to the screen-top the mouse curser had flew,

With the keyboard keys clattering and working away too.

Soon I will be lying sleepless on my pillow,

Watching the warm air from the vent make the curtain gently billow.

Too soon from my bedside will come an alarming sound,

And from my bed I will leap with a bound.

Quick! Shower and dressed all in a blur, from my head to my foot,

And my clothes all nicely pressed with a neat and tidy look.

A sandwich and ice pack tossed into a sack,

And oh please don’t tell me my kid just put syrup on my back!

This last day will be spent in a mix of anticipation and dread,

Thoughts of “How will I do it?” rambling around in my head.

Doubts, and worries, and too many oh dears,

After all, I haven’t done this in almost seven whole years!

But alas it’s only a short three-month term,

It’s an experience from which how much I remember I expect to learn.

As I make my way through traffic and downtown one ways,

In search of illusive parking and walking icy walkways.

And don’t forget the change to pay for the sidewalk tolls,

The toll takers standing forlornly and often looking more like trolls.

Each coffee shop I will pass with a tempting look,

Imagining myself stopping with laptop to work on my book.

I sit here on my last day and try to blog, Facebook and tweet before the day is done,

Blowing out words on my NaNo novel with three days left ‘til the challenge is gone.

The kids are all excited, hyper, and in a titter,

I know I’ll likely never make it to my novel or my Twitter.

Tomorrow dawns that bright new day,

And life will begin working in a whole new way.

At the end of the day I will sigh and exclaim, “I did it!”

While all day long hoping the kids won’t make the babysitter quit.

* Adapted from the famous poem “Twas The Night Before Christmas”



Anonymous said...

I don't know whether to offer condolences or wish you good luck, so I'll do both.

I'm sorry your life as a stay-at-home mom is ending, but best of luck with your new life and new challenges.

L. V. Gaudet said...

Thanks. It will definately be a big adjustment for everyone. Time will tell how much of an adjustment - just what everyone will have to give up.